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About our Program/Youth Department

Our after school program is dedicated to guiding inner-city youth (6-12th) grade, into becoming positive leaders. We are here to create a safe environment that raises awareness of the problems within the community as well as addressing academic issues.

The after school program will equip students to learn how to solve these problems and lead by example. Our staff will be working hard to assure that the children have positive role models by leading by example. Our students will learn through community service, discussing and solving social issues, personal development, and academic assistance. We are building Young Leaders in the community.


For more info on enrolling students, volunteering or neighborhood community service contact Lavont White 216-925-6359

Operation hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs. & every other Friday.
Every 6th -12th grader who is in this program is required to have a Y.L.P shirt. Parents are required to order and pay the 1-time fee of $20 on our Y.L.P Merchandise page. 




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