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The Young Leaders Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded June 26,2014. Our organization addresses the needs of our youth and community. We provide skills such as personal development, critical thinking, problem solving, community engagement, leadership and life skills. Our mission is to inspire a positive culture within the community through service and a contemporary approach.


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The Young Leaders Program has been apart of our Collinwood community for years, giving the kids something positive and safe to do after school and teaching different ways they can give back to our neighborhood. 

- Collinwood Recreation Center Manager, Kawanna Little 


Young leaders has been a success for my daughter Ashalia, giving her an opportunity to be amongst her peers And mentors that Share a common goal which is in the best interest of our child. 

- Mr. Benjamin, Student Parent


Thanks for the program my son loved it! He was always excited to go to the rec and would be very disappointed when he couldn't attend class. We really appreciated the lessons and activities you provided. 

- Ms.Denesha, Student Parent


It was a great experience for me because I got to get back out in the community as a grandmother and I love working with all children in and out of the community. My grandkids love it very much because it was something that I talked about all the time helping the community. They got great confidence in their self and learned how to talk about the things that were happening in the world. They also met a lot of new friends and Ms Dede was really great with them. They love her so much that they would do anything for her. 

          Thank you 

             Ms Scott , Student Parent


Memorial has partnered with Young Leaders Program for about 10 years and Mr Neal gives you an excellent rating because our scholars here are always raving about the mentorship, tutoring, leadership, and the overall excitement of having positive coordinators. I personally promote students to join, which helps with their behavior, maturity, and study skills. It's a great program to help students develop. Young Leaders Program are doing a great job and they are also very supportive of our school Memorial because it really does take a village. - Mr.Neal, Assistant Principal of Memorial Elementary 

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