The Young Leaders Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded June 26,2014. Our organization addresses the needs of our youth and community. We provide skills such as personal development, critical thinking, problem solving, community engagement, leadership and life skills. Our mission is to inspire a positive culture within the community through service and a contemporary approach.


Melany Anastasia Castro

Microsoft / Community Development Specialist

Breauna Sweeney and the Young Leaders Program have been a pleasure to work with for Microsoft’s main event during National Entrepreneurship Week this past year. Breauna was one of our keynote speakers providing an excellent presentation catered to our theme Turning Your Dreams into a Reality. Her presentation revealed the passion she has for community outreach and her unyielding dedication to the success of our youth. She provided insight and advice to all of our attendees on what it takes to start a business and persevere in the face of difficulty. Breauna is an intelligent self-starter that is unafraid to take on a challenge. I look forward to continuing to partner with Breauna and the Young Leaders Program on future events!

Judge Matt Mcmonagle

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

I had the pleasure of joining Young Leaders on their community service day. I enjoyed seeing firsthand what the program is doing for the kids and the positive impact they are making in the community. Keep up the good work!

Taneika Hill (Council Woman)

Euclid, OH.

What can I say The Young leaders program is just what we need during these times.  A time where it seems that we are going to more funerals of young people than high school graduations.  But out of the ashes like a Phoenix,  of what seems to be the destruction of a generation comes a program that seeks to promote education, community engagement, self respect and entrepreneurship. The young leaders program is a breath of fresh air to a suffocating society. Thank you to the passion and leadership of Breauna Sweeney and her team of Young Leaders.

Sincerely Councilwoman,

Taneika Hill 

Julia DiBaggio

Cleveland, OH.

The Young Leaders Program does amazing work with you, especially making positive change in the community doing volunteer work. The youth are hardworking and dedicated to improving the neighborhood and helping others. It’s a pleasure working with them.


Julia DiBaggio

Community Engagement Manager

Northeast Shores Development Corporation

Tierra Biggers

Cleveland, Oh.

My name is Tierra S. Biggers; I’m the Center Manager at Collinwood Recreation Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  At our center we have the opportunity to have a passionate alum of the Collinwood area Lavont White and his partner Breanna Sweeney provide a platform for our youth that allows them the option to invest in themselves.  The organization,  Young Leaders Program has been at our center a little over a year.  They provide mentoring, leadership and direction to the youth in the Collinwood neighborhood.  We truly appreciate the staff taking time out of their day to give to the community.


We are thankful for the program here at Collinwood Recreation Center.  We look forward to a continual partnership with the Young Leaders Program.


Thank you,


Tierra Biggers

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