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College Internship 


The Young Leaders Program allows you to get a hands on experience. Interning with this company you will have the opportunity to develop real skills and work with real people. The Young Leaders Program caters to  ALL MAJORS. We prefer to work with passionate individuals. As an intern we offer a wide range of projects depending on your major. For example if you are in school to be a teacher you will be assigned to our program department mentoring kids. If you are a photographer you may take photos for our website or at our events etc. Call us and let us know your major so we can get you started 216-622-5849. Young Leaders Program offers occasional pay to interns.

Service for High School Students !!

Most High schools require at least 40 hours of service within the community in order for teens to graduate. If you are in high school and looking to complete your community service hours contact us at 216-622-5849.  Our services are all through out Cleveland Ohio . Let us help you graduate !!

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to make a positive impact in the community? Be apart of the solution by volunteering with us. Our company provides volunteer opportunities in both departments. We are also municipal court service friendly. Background checks are required. If interested contact 216-622-5849

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