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         About our Community Department


Our Community department caters to various communities. Our purpose is to build a positive culture by capturing and showcasing the great things in our neighborhoods. We will provide the community with a voice through media platforms such as social media, pictures, and videos.

This department focuses on spreading knowledge about positive things going on in our community, as well as our program. Our promoters will assist with the needs of our community, rather it’s through a workshop, creative activities, event planning, or community service. We will work hard to create an environment that will keep the youth occupied and learning while having fun. We strive to be role models to all.

Operation hours:

Mon – Fri 10 am - 7pm

 Community Specialist are assigned a different location in our city every day. They are also involved in various events around the city as well as community services


Community Service is open to Juveniles ,Volunteers ,Interns & Highschool students.​ ( We also provide Community Service for ticketing.)


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